Starbound Admin Commands & Cheats

In the admin setting, commands can be utilized by typing a/ followed by the keywords for the command. Admin mode can be toggled on and off making use of the command/ admin.

On multiplayer webservers, there are numerous settings that can obstruct gamers from acquiring admin privileges.

How to Add an Admin on a Starbound Server?

Admin on a Starbound server enables you to access all Starbound regulates in-game. This is necessary for accessing commands for banning players, kicking players, establishing generate, as well as extra! A complete checklist of Starbound commands can be located below!

  • To include an admin on a Starbound server, begin by going on your control panel and clicking “Quit” to quit your server.
  • Once your server is completely offline, from your control board click “FTP File Gain access to” to enter your web server’s web FTP.
  • In your server’s web FTP, most likely to the area/ starbound/storage/starbound _ server.config.
  • Click to modify the starbound_server. config data. At the end of these documents, you will see a “ServerUsers” area:
  • You can add individuals within this area to include admins on your Starbound web server. Right here is an example of adding a user named MCProHosting as an Admin:
  • As soon as you have included the proper individuals within these documents, click “Conserve Data” and after that go back to your control board.
  • Proceed to start your server to load these modifications! You can now log in under that username and password to get Admin on your Starbound webserver!
  • You have actually now efficiently given admin to those individuals on your Starbound server as well as those individuals will currently have access to Admin commands in-game when they log in!

If you experience concerns adding a user as a Starbound admin on your server, submit a ticket to our General Assistance department for further aid!

Basic Commands 


Use /help command Name to get detailed documentation.


Usage /admin. Enables or disables admin mode, which enables all crafting recipes, prevents damage or energy loss, and allows access to admin-only commands.


Usage /reload. Reloads your local, client side assets. Will cause lag as they are reparsed. Useful when testing a mod as it will reload the assets without requiring exiting the game.


Usage /whoami. Display your local username and admin status.


Usage /serverwhoami. Display your server username and admin status.


Usage /whereami. Display the celestial coordinate of your current location.


Usage /pvp. Enable or disable your Player vs. Player mode.


Usage /played. Displays the total playtime of the current character.


Usage /deaths. Displays the total death count of the current character.


Usage /suicide. Kills the current character, incurring all normal death penalties (including permadeath!). This can be used as a last resort if you are irreversibly stuck.


Usage /naked. Remove all gear. Useful in macros to give a character new gear replacing the existing gear, or you know, for fun.

Starbound Cheats – Item commands

  • Sword Spawn – /spawnsword [level] [type]: But if you just type /spawnsword, level and type will be random
  • Liquid Spawn – /spawnliquid [liquid id] [quantity]
  • Monster Spawn – /spawnmonster <type> [level] [param]
  • Treasure Spawn – /spawntreasure <treasure id> [level]
  • Weapon Spawn – /spawngun [level] [type]: This cheat doesn’t work anymore
  • Item Spawn – /spawnitem [item id] [quantity]: Obtendremos el líquido que indiquemos en la cantidad que decidamos.
  • IA Spawn – /spawnAI: This cheat doesn’t work anymore
  • NPC Spawn – /spawnnpc [specie] [type]: But if you just type /spawnnpc, level and type will be random
  • Shield Spawn – /spawnshield [level] [type]: But if you just type /spawnshield, level and type will be random

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