Stellaris Ascension Perks List with IDs (2020)

The Stellaris ascension is mastered with seeming impossible way. Faster than light is travelling the era today. It’s the brave pioneer which is set forth from the ancient homeworld into the unknown while the scientist has unlocked more and more of the vast mysteries of the cosmos.

But you are neither the first, not the only one species to climb heaven. You must also test the military and diplomatic prowess against rival galactic empires.

Introduction to Stellaris

The new to Stellaris and the concept of ascension perks or a veteran player who is super indecisive about which one can pick. This is also useful and the list contains the ascension perks as of update 2.0 and even usefulness and general fun of the ascension perks.

One can have a maximum of 8 out of them. So it’s important to choose the right one. The cherry update changed the game and permits people without DLC like utopia to use them. So anyone with the game might find it useful. Even though its most of the cool ones which are still exclusive to DLC’s mainly the ascension paths and things involving mega structures. The paradox needs to sell the stuff.

Stellaris Ascension Perks List

NameID / Cheat Codes
Evolutionary Masteryap_evolutionary_mastery
The Flesh is Weakap_the_flesh_is_weak
Synthetic Evolutionap_synthetic_evolution
World Shaperap_world_shaper
Mind over Matterap_mind_over_matter
Master Buildersap_master_builders
Imperial Prerogativeap_imperial_prerogative
One Visionap_one_vision
Consecrated Worldsap_consecrated_worlds
Executive Vigorap_executive_vigor
Galactic Force Projectionap_galactic_force_projection
Defender of the Galaxyap_defender_of_the_galaxy
Galactic Contenderap_galactic_contender
Technological Ascendancyap_technological_ascendancy
Mastery of Natureap_mastery_of_nature
The Circle of Lifeap_the_circle_of_life
Galactic Wondersap_galactic_wonders
Interstellar Dominionap_interstellar_dominion
Eternal Vigilanceap_eternal_vigilance
Grasp the Voidap_grasp_the_void
Synthetic Ageap_synthetic_age
Machine Worldsap_machine_worlds
Shared Destinyap_shared_destiny
Colossus Projectap_colossus
Enigmatic Engineeringap_enigmatic_engineering
Nihilistic Acquisitionap_nihilistic_acquisition
Transcendent Learningap_transcendent_learning

Thinks to note

The guide might be outdated as the game continues to update. It must be revising some of the entries for existing perks as you are going to get input. The tool is going to help with deciding on ascension perks and not a walkthrough where the decision is taken place.

A worthy highlight

This can add fifteen new species portraits representing trees, bushes, flowers and even weird stuff that has somehow evolved to sapience. And the new ship models, space stations and city backdrops which fits the botanical theme.

The species packs on with its effect on gameplay and you can answer it which is going to be entirely based on how badly you want more visual options for picking it from customizing your empire.

The art is well done which is a couple of the planetoids and is among the favourite portraits in Stellaris. And the new ships and space stations look pretty cool with their organic, leafy aesthetics.

The pack inclusions


The expansion redefines stellar warfare for all the players. This is with a host of new offensive and defensive options. Destroy the entire worlds with the support of terrifying new planet-killer weapons, fight against or alongside ruthless space pirates and maybe discovering a few non-violent games.


This expansion adds on megastructures and new options for the ultimate advancement of your species.

Leviathans story pack

The story pack includes monstrous new creatures and encounters.

The synthetic dawn story pack

This provides with all new ways for players to establish their empire across the stars, starting the game like a machine empire. A society made up entirely of robots.

The exceptional game features, as well as event chains, mainly allow the machines to develop as a robotic consciousness and create an Al-Led network that grows to galactic dominance.

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