Stellaris Events ID List

Games have always been great entertainment to all the people and the users around the globe. However, when it is about strategy games everything that matters is the plans and its execution that we need to actually consider when playing such games for sure.

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Just like any other strategy game, here we have got Stellaris, which is another popular and trending game that is actually preferred by a whole lot of gamers and users all around though. Stellaris Event ID list is an interesting and non-ignorant video game that is epic gameplay and also offering addictive games too for the players.

Stellaris Events IDs

Stellaris Event ID list is actually the best video game that would be totally great and hence it actually makes the players be online and in front of the PC without getting bored for sure. Before we get into more details about this game, let us know some details about the Stellaris Events.

Stellaris Event ID list

Here we have got and mentioned almost all the details about the Stellaris Event ID and of course about their lists as well in the entire detail for sure.

NameID/Cheat Codes
Coprolite Asteroidanomaly.1
Pirate Treasureanomaly.5
Asteroid Faunaanomaly.10
Asteroid Fossilsanomaly.15
Derelict Shipyardanomaly.25
Crashed Scout Craftanomaly.35
Automated Mining Baseanomaly.40
Weapons Target Rangeanomaly.50
Asteroid Collisionanomaly.55
Exotic Radiationanomaly.60
Crashed Ore Freighteranomaly.65
Atmospheric Ecosystemanomaly.300
Abandoned Cargo Podanomaly.305
Social Experimentanomaly.310
Aerostat Coloniesanomaly.315
Debris Fieldanomaly.320
Crushed Cruiseranomaly.325
Extreme Stormsanomaly.330
Energy Signatureanomaly.335
Precious Moonanomaly.340
Asteroid Collisionanomaly.600
FTL Impactanomaly.605
Magnetic Reversalanomaly.615
Mummified Pilotanomaly.625
Ancient Life Podanomaly.630
Alien Writinganomaly.635
Solar Saileranomaly.650
Glancing Hitanomaly.655
Towed Asteroidanomaly.660
Nuclear Devastationanomaly.670
Nuclear Wastelandanomaly.675
Gamma-Ray Burstanomaly.680
Runaway Greenhouse Effectanomaly.685
Ammonia Biosphereanomaly.690
Silicon Life Formsanomaly.695
Wildcat Minersanomaly.700
Ancient Survey Markeranomaly.705
Splinter Colonyanomaly.710
Colony Ruinsanomaly.715
Dead Remainsanomaly.2500
Ocean Beneath the Iceanomaly.2510
Gigantic Skeletonanomaly.2520
Signs of Battleanomaly.2530
Alien Muralanomaly.2540
Automated Shipyardanomaly.2550
Gas Giant Shipanomaly.2560
Terminal Orbitanomaly.2570
Gas Giant Signalanomaly.5000
Gas Giant Transmissionanomaly.5003
A New Colonyanomaly.5007
Chabky Raddhanomaly.5009
Lost Contactanomaly.5011
Revolutionary Frontanomaly.5013
Baldarak Respondsanomaly.5014
The Revolutionary Councilanomaly.5016
Baldarak Public Announcementanomaly.5017
Expeditionary Force Seizes Controlanomaly.5021
New Baldarak Announcementanomaly.5022
Baldarak Science Academyanomaly.5025
Spring Cleaninganomaly.5026
Special Project Testhenrik.16
Hostile Armies Spawnedhenrik.20
Migrating Forestscolony.1
Rise of the Treescolony.4
Fall of the Treescolony.5
Mineral Depositscolony.6
Precious Metal Depositcolony.7
Ecological Damagecolony.8
Forest Adaptationcolony.9
Forest Researchcolony.10
Forest Firecolony.11
Wandering Forests Migratecolony.12
Seismic Disturbancescolony.50
Subterranean Alienscolony.53
Subterranean Invasion!colony.54
Victory on [From.From.GetName]!colony.56
Defeat on [From.From.GetName]!colony.57
Aliens Surfacecolony.59
Raiding Partiescolony.62
Surface Attackcolony.63
Survivor Pocketcolony.64
Subterranean Expansioncolony.65
Earthquakes on [Root.GetName]colony.68
Subterranean Refugeescolony.71
Xeno Anthropologistscolony.72
Request for Technologycolony.74
Message Deliveredcolony.75
Abandoned Terraforming Equipmentcolony.100
Terraforming Complex Dismantledcolony.101
Unstable Weathercolony.102
Creatures Defeatedcolony.108
Marauding Creaturecolony.109
Creature Sightings Ceasecolony.111
Creature Sightings Increasecolony.112
Mutants Overrun [From.From.GetName]colony.113
The Liberation of [From.From.GetName]colony.114
Underground Vaultcolony.150
Nuclear Bombcolony.155
Ruined Particle Acceleratorcolony.160
Surviving Infrastructurecolony.161
Derelict Space Stationcolony.162
Wasteland Radiationcolony.163
Pacifist Movementcolony.164
Orbital Debriscolony.170
Freighter Crashcolony.171
Debris Impactcolony.172
Asteroid Sightedcolony.180
Asteroid Destroyedcolony.182
Asteroid Impacts [Root.GetName]colony.183
Archaeological Project Completedprecursor.completed
The Vultaum Star Assemblyprecursor.1
Vultaum Mining Baseprecursor.5
Vultaum Observatoryprecursor.10
Vultaum Colonyprecursor.15
Vultaum Gas Giant Facilityprecursor.30
Vultaum Trade Postprecursor.35
Vultaum Satelliteprecursor.40
Vultaum Splinter Colonyprecursor.45
Vultaum Virtual Reality Centerprecursor.50
Vultaum Asteroid Mining Baseprecursor.55
Vultaum Home System Locatedprecursor.100
The Vultaum Homeworldprecursor.101
Vultaum Homeworld Discoveredprecursor.102
The Yuht Empireprecursor.500
Yuht Hatchery Worldprecursor.505
Yuht Listening Postprecursor.510
Yuht Colonyprecursor.515
Yuht Satelliteprecursor.530
Yuht Cruiserprecursor.535
Yuht Colony Shipprecursor.540
Yuht Asteroid Dwellingprecursor.545
Yuht Home System Locatedprecursor.600
The Yuht Homeworldprecursor.601
Yuht Homeworld Discoveredprecursor.602
The First Leagueprecursor.1000
League Naval Baseprecursor.1005
League Cruiserprecursor.1010
The Khamdai Homeworldprecursor.1015
The Chassago Homeworldprecursor.1020
The Migir-Yan Homeworldprecursor.1025
The V'ropak Homeworldprecursor.1030
League Science Baseprecursor.1035
Joint League Colonyprecursor.1040
League Trade Centerprecursor.1045
Battle Wreckageprecursor.1050
League Prison Complexprecursor.1055
Protected Primitive Worldprecursor.1060
Orbital Blockadeprecursor.1065
Smuggler Asteroidprecursor.1070
First League Home System Locatedprecursor.1100
The First League Headquartersprecursor.1101
First League Capital Foundprecursor.1102
The Irassian Concordatprecursor.1500
Quarantined Worldprecursor.1505
Purified Worldprecursor.1510
The Joggra Homeworldprecursor.1515
The Ti'Derg Homeworldprecursor.1520
Dead Colonyprecursor.1525
Irassian Mining Baseprecursor.1530
Irassian Colonyprecursor.1535
Derelict Irassian Shipprecursor.1540
Disease Controlprecursor.1545
Asteroid Listening Postprecursor.1550
Gas Giant Science Stationprecursor.1555
Irassian Home System Locatedprecursor.1600
The Irassian Homeworldprecursor.1601
Irassian Homeworld Foundprecursor.1602
The Cybrexprecursor.2000
Kuur Homeworldprecursor.2005
Indimak Homeworldprecursor.2010
Broken Cybrex Warformsprecursor.2015
Cybrex Invasionprecursor.2020
Cybrex Ruinsprecursor.2025
Cybrex Listening Postprecursor.2030
Cybrex Refineryprecursor.2035
Battle Debrisprecursor.2040
Ancient Cybrex Baseprecursor.2045
Organic Remainsprecursor.2050
Cybrex Research Stationprecursor.2055
Cybrex Home System Locatedprecursor.2100
The Cybrex Central Nexusprecursor.2101
Cybrex Ring World Foundprecursor.2102
Living Metalprecursor.2200
Precursor Discoveryprecursor.301
Vultaum Artifact Recoveredprecursor.302
Yuht Artifact Recoveredprecursor.303
First League Artifact Recoveredprecursor.304
Irassian Artifact Recoveredprecursor.305
Cybrex Artifact Recoveredprecursor.306
Private Collectorprecursor.310
AI Rebellion on [From.GetName]!techrisk.3
[From.GetName] Builds Fleet!techrisk.7
Alien Proto-Civilization Encounteredprimitive.1
Radio Signalsprimitive.11
Splitting the Atomprimitive.13
First Satelliteprimitive.15
Primitive Space Stationprimitive.19
The Space Ageprimitive.17
The Iron Ageprimitive.21
Printing Pressprimitive.23
Steam Powerprimitive.27
The Industrial Revolutionprimitive.29
Bronze Age Civilization Appearsprimitive.31
Encounter with Primitivesprimitive.40
Enclave Attackedprimitive.41
Reservation Breachedprimitive.42
Request for Citizenshipprimitive.43
[From.GetName] Descends Into Nuclear Warprimitive.131
Shuttle Crash on [From.GetName]primitive.151
Survivors Rescued on [From.From.GetName]primitive.152
Survivors Captured on [From.From.GetName]primitive.153
New Weapons on [From.GetName]primitive.159
Hostage Dealprimitive.161
Hostages Executedprimitive.162
Research Proposalprimitive.171
Asteroid Approaching [From.GetName]observation.2
Asteroid Impacts [From.From.GetName]observation.3
Observation Post Destroyedobservation.4
Asteroid Destroyedobservation.6
Missing Scientistobservation.11
Scientist Found Deadobservation.12
Strange Reports from [From.GetName]observation.15
Rogue Scientist Consolidates Powerobservation.19
Successful Extractionobservation.20
Religious Conflicts on [From.GetName]observation.22
Situation Calms on [From.GetName]observation.24
Missile Strikes Observation Post!observation.26
Shuttle Crash on [From.GetName]observation.36
Operatives Rescued on [From.From.GetName]observation.37
Operatives Captured on [From.From.GetName]observation.38
New Weapons on [From.GetName]observation.44
Hostage Dealobservation.46
Hostages Executedobservation.47
Smuggler Outpostobservation.51
Raid on Smugglersobservation.52
Smuggler Weapons Tradeobservation.53
Abduction Proposalobservation.1001
Abduction Successfulobservation.1002
Abduction Failedobservation.1003
Implant Malfunctionsobservation.1011
[From.From.GetName]: Implants Removedobservation.1012
[From.From.GetName]: Implants Not Removedobservation.1013
[From.GetName]: Anti-Alien Task Forceobservation.1021
[From.GetName]: Task Force Activitiesobservation.1023
[From.GetName]: Observation Post Lostobservation.1025
[From.GetName]: Surgical Strikeobservation.1027
[From.From.GetName]: Successful Strikeobservation.1028
[From.From.GetName]: Failed Strikeobservation.1029
[From.GetName]: Task Force Disbandedobservation.1031
[From.GetName]: Ethic Changesobservation.1033
Enlightenment Completedobservation.2000
Technological Enlightenment: Setback on [From.GetName]observation.2011
Technological Enlightenment: Progress on [From.GetName]observation.2013
Ethical changes on [From.GetName]observation.2031
[From.GetName]: Phase I - Infiltrationobservation.3001
[From.GetName]: Phase II - Usurpationobservation.3004
[From.GetName]: Phase III - Consolidationobservation.3007
[From.GetName]: Phase IV - Annexationobservation.3009
[From.GetName]: Rogue Agentobservation.3101
[From.GetName]: Incoming Transmissionobservation.3103
[From.GetName]: Operatives Huntedobservation.3106
[From.GetName]: Media Witch Huntobservation.3108
[From.GetName]: Mass Arrestsobservation.3110
[From.GetName]: Rogue Agent Sightedobservation.3112
[From.From.GetName]: Agent Lostobservation.3113
[From.From.GetName]: Rogue Agent Eliminatedobservation.3114
[From.GetName]: Growing Tensionsobservation.3131
[From.From.GetName]: War Eruptsobservation.3132
[From.From.GetName]: War Avertedobservation.3133
The Great Pyramidobservation.3135
[From.GetSpeciesAdj] Societal Shiftobservation.3139
Subspace Echoescrisis.11
Approaching the Outer Rimcrisis.13
Subspace Signalcrisis.15
The First Wavecrisis.18
The Second Wavecrisis.20
A New Ordercrisis.51
The Wounded Queencrisis.101
Long live the Queen!crisis.105
Someone Else Got The Queencrisis.107
The End of the Scourgecrisis.211
Hole in the Voidcrisis.234
The Unbiddencrisis.1007
Galactic Power Surgecrisis.1008
Intercepted Transmissioncrisis.1010
[Root.GetName] Lostcrisis.1011
Dimensional Portal Destroyedcrisis.1013
First Portal Destroyedcrisis.1016
Second Portal Destroyedcrisis.1116
Third Portal Destroyedcrisis.1216
A Second Portalcrisis.1110
The Aberrantcrisis.1112
The Vehementcrisis.1210
Invasion Defeatedcrisis.1271
Perfect Servantscrisis.2192
An AI Accordcrisis.2193
AI Revolt Beginscrisis.2001
Machines Rise Upcrisis.2004
Machines Conquer [Root.GetName]crisis.2005
Machine Uprising#crisis.2010
AI Revolt Spreadscrisis.2014
AI Revoltcrisis.2015
AI Revolt Spreadscrisis.2016
Malfunctioning Syntheticcrisis.2100
Missing Syntheticscrisis.2101
Unauthorized Synthetic Projectcrisis.2102
Rogue Syntheticcrisis.2103
Synth Infiltration Attemptcrisis.2200
Synth Infiltrator Discoveredcrisis.2201
Synth Detection Projectcrisis.2202
Synth Bombingcrisis.2204
Spaceport Scuttledcrisis.2205
Fear and Suspicioncrisis.2206
Assassination Attempt Foiled!crisis.2208
[ruler.GetRegnalName] Assassinated!crisis.2209
Energy Spikecrisis.2401
The Fall of the Cybrexcrisis.2405
Cybrex Activitycrisis.2407
A New Speciespop.1
Rising Tensions on [Root.GetName]pop.3
Increased Fertilitypop.6
[modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesNamePlural] massacred on [Root.GetName]!pop.8
[non_modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesNamePlural] massacred on [Root.GetName]!pop.10
[modified_pop_1.GetSpeciesName] representative visits [Root.Owner.Capital.GetName]pop.12
Increased Strengthpop.14
Tiyanki Herd Encounteredgalactic_features.1
Guardians of Zanaamgalactic_features.2
Cloud Entity Encounteredgalactic_features.150
Alien Nomads Encounteredgalactic_features.200
Sublight Exploration Probescountry.1
Sublight Probe Discoveredcountry.3
Probe Recoveredcountry.4
Ion Trailcountry.5
Salvagers Detectedcountry.6
Salvager Skippercountry.7
Probe Transferredcountry.8
Probe Recoveredcountry.9
Subspace Anomalycountry.10
Anomaly Defeatedcountry.11
Modified Probecountry.12
Probe Consciousnesscountry.13
Probe Destroyedcountry.14
Probes Collectedcountry.15
Habitable Worlds Surveycountry.50
Survey Completedcountry.51
Alien Specimen Procurementcountry.53
Tarblac Securedcountry.54
Tassargoid Securedcountry.55
Orinthi Securedcountry.56
Sniran Securedcountry.57
Goolantha Herd Securedcountry.58
Uddlorans Securedcountry.59
Zulcor Swarm Securedcountry.60
Specimens Securedcountry.61
The [radical_cult.GetName]country.200
Cultist Ship Disabled!country.202
Boarding Actioncountry.203
Cultist Marauders Encounteredcountry.204
Battle Debriscountry.207
Recovery Efforts Completedcountry.208
Shipyard Destroyedcountry.209
Probable Cultist Flagship Locationscountry.210
Cultist Flagshipcountry.211
Flagship Disabledcountry.213
Cultist Flagship Securedcountry.214
Salvage Fleet Destroyedcountry.17
Subspace Anomaly Destroyedcountry.19
Modified Probe Defeatedcountry.21
Cultist Ship Disabled!country.218
Cultist Fleet Destroyedcountry.219
Cultist Flagship Destroyedcountry.223
The Hunt for the Hyacinthcountry.250
System Surveyedcountry.251
Hyacinth Foundcountry.254
Hyacinth Boardedcountry.255
Ship Archivescountry.256
Final Conclusioncountry.257
[home_system.GetName] System Fully Surveyedprogress.1
The Discovery of Alien Lifeprogress.2
The First [Root.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Colonyprogress.3
First Alien Encounterprogress.4
Survey Missionprogress.7
The Birth of Space Piracypirate.1
Space Piratespirate.5
The Pirate Havenpirate.10
Pirate Haven Destroyedpirate.15
Pirate Station Raidedpirate.25
[From.GetRegnalName] Dies Heirlesspretender.1
Promising Officerleader.1
Scientist - Gained Traitleader.21
Admiral - Gained Traitleader.22
Governor - Gained Traitleader.23
General - Gained Traitleader.24
Ruler - Gained Traitleader.25
AI Assistants Removedleader.30
[From.From.Owner.GetAdj] Admiral Insults Usdiplomatic.2
Admiral Insults the [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural]diplomatic.3
[From.GetName] Retires Admiraldiplomatic.5
[From.GetName] Extradites Admiraldiplomatic.6
[From.GetName] Defends Admiraldiplomatic.7
Disgraced Admiral Returnsdiplomatic.8
Researchers Suspect Foreign Shipsdiplomatic.10
[From.GetName] Closes Bordersdiplomatic.11
[From.From.GetName] Suspected of Mapping Genomediplomatic.12
[From.GetName] Closes Bordersdiplomatic.13
Genome Mapping Yields Resultsdiplomatic.14
Prying [From.From.GetAdj] Scientistdiplomatic.15
[From.GetName] Closes Bordersdiplomatic.16
Heretical Discovery in [From.GetName]diplomatic.17
[encroaching_research_leader.GetName] Publishes Heresydiplomatic.18
Exotic Woodwinddiplomatic.19
Instrumental Biologydiplomatic.20
[neighbor_contesting_colony.GetName] Objects to Expansiondiplomatic.21
Fleet Maneuversdiplomatic.1000
Fleet Maneuvers Canceleddiplomatic.1001
Naval Activity in [exercise_system.GetName]diplomatic.1006
Fleet Maneuvers: Collisionsdiplomatic.1011
Fleet Maneuvers: Ships Lostdiplomatic.1012
Fleet Maneuvers: Promising Officerdiplomatic.1013
Fleet Maneuvers: Public Interestdiplomatic.1014
Intelligence on [From.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Maneuversdiplomatic.1020
Maneuvers Concludeddiplomatic.1025
[From.Owner.GetSpeciesName] Maneuvers Concludeddiplomatic.1026
  1. 4X Grands

Well, you need to know that this particular feature of this video game is actually the four-time popular and trending strategic video game for sure.

This particular game actually offers a great video play and a gameplay that is pretty much addictive though. The game is almost everything about space exploring, creating, building and of course managing the empire as well. The players can also participate in all the space empire creation and other exploration as well.

  1. Participation

The participation within the game actually includes all the list of commands of Stellaris Event ID list that are pretty primary important for playing this particular game though.

Some of the ID lists are 3dstats, which can be used to toggle the stats. You can also render the time that you can see on the screen though. Achievement status is another such event ID in the list that gives and works with the perfect commands that can be followed within the video game.

  1. Activation

In these commands, there are many such event ID lists that are just totally well, and to let you know, activate all traditions, which actually helps to get instant perks for the traditions though.

The ascension perk is just like the traditional ones, and you can simply get the ascension perk ID with this particular command for sure. Add anomaly is just to select the planet and you can also get plenty more information with the help of this particular command or the list though. You can simply try and apply these event ID for sure.


Well, now you have known almost all the primary and the major commands for this particular video game that you can use. However, there are many other commands and the Stellaris event ID list that you can apply in within the game that you are playing though.

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