Xcom 2 Cheats & console commands List

Xcom 2 console commands: The XCOM 2 is a sequel command to XCOM. This is bearing an enemy unknown source which is the first title in the series which is considered as the best strategy game in the year 2012. This is a strategy based tactics video game which is developed by Firaxis Games.

The game is published by the 2K games. The XCOM 2 was first released for Windows, OS, X and Linux. It later became available for the PS4 and Xbox. It is the successor to its predecessor XCOM. Above all that matters are the Xcom 2 console commands.

Xcom 2 Cheats

GiveResourcegiveresource [resource id] [amount]
AddItemadditem [item id] [amount]
GiveHackRewardgivehackreward [hack reward id]
GiveActionPointsgiveactionpoints [amount]
GiveScientistgivescientist [level]
GiveEngineergiveengineer [level]
GiveTechgivetech [tech id]
GiveFacilitygivefacility [facility id] [avenger/map index]
SetSoldierStatsetsoldierstat [stat id] [value] [soldier name] [0 / 1]
MakeSoldierAClassmakesoldieraclass ["soldier name"] [class id]
RemoveFortressDoomremovefortressdoom [amount]
ForceCompleteObjectiveforcecompleteobjective [objective id]
endbattleendbattle [0 / 1]
BondSoldiersbondsoldiers ["soldier name"] ["soldier name"] [true / false]
GiveContinentBonusgivecontinentbonus [continent bonus id]
LevelUpBarrackslevelupbarracks [amount]
sloMoslomo [multiplier]

Some more to reveal

XCOM being developed by its developers with huge acclaim being the best title in the series. This is quite a bit tricker in comparison to the previous titles from the series.

It’s a simple yet full of entertainment and is built with deepest and most rewarding strategies for which it’s a truly amazing game. This has a lot of changes and the developers have reworked on it.

Customizable characters

This is one of its types, unlike other games where you are forced to choose among some existing characters. The XCOM 2 doesn’t coerce you to do this and the game provides you with the ability to completely customize your own character from scratch.

For playing the game you can also team up with your friends in the XCOM2 which doubles the fun and excitement. When it comes to customization, the game is not just going to provide visual customization but at the same time, it also provides character abilities.

Looking forward to the mechanism of the game

Moving towards the game mechanics this has reworked mechanics and now you will be able to sneak past enemies or can initiate attacks on patrols as no one is able to notify you when you begin the mission.  The reworked mechanics help you to execute a fatal ambush while keeping the squad hidden.

The reworked map mechanics keep you hidden until you receive within a specific radius of the enemy or open fire on them. This diverse source offers you a lot of options and playing style.

You can dash ahead without looking anywhere or go into overwatch mode all alone and hit the highest priority target in the group of enemies.

The combat mechanics

There are a lot of action games which are currently on the market have the same combat mechanics. As like in most of the action games the enemy troops are deployed ahead of you, or in the nearby region. You have to assault and defeat them in order to win. You have to think like a strategist.

You will have to consider all the factors before you start to open the firing on the enemy. XCOM 2 has implemented as easy to understand the new system which makes two moves per turn.

In every round, the soldier can only perform two actions and move to a new position shooting with the acquired weapons. This helps you to move quickly around the map and help evacuate the teammates who are under the enemy fire.

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